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Gravity Livestream

Gravity of Korea today, had a live streaming video conference where they discussed things to come in both RO1 and RO2. Below, are a few of the main points that were mentioned about Ragnarok Online 2's current development. This information was translated by Moonkist from the iROWiki boards.

    * Gravity is currently working on tweaking the visual design of RO2.
    * The Producer mentions about how some users complained about character design , server optimization, and contents.
    * Closed Beta Test 2 will be around 2010 December ~ 2011 January.
    * RO2 characters will have gender selection as well. Most likely around in Open Beta Test.
    * They are still discussing developing a customizable STAT system similar to RO1. (Yay!)
    * As soon as CBT was finished, the character design team started doing a lot of work, and they are still discussing the final character design its self.
    * They are also currently developing 'inter-zone-chat system' where a chatroom can be reached from any part of the server.


With the past few weeks lacking any kind of RO2 information at all, it's certainly a relief to know they're hard at work further developing the game we patiently wait to play again soon.




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